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He must increase, but I must decrease.”

John 3:30

At the beginning John the Evangelist told us how this thing called the Christian

life begins.

It was a matter of believing and receiving, he wrote.

Now John the Baptist relates at least one way that life proceeds.

As faith matures the old life is gradually supplanted.

But it is common for the life we receive when we are born again, to be held back

by weakness.

We are, after all, addicted to the old ways.

As long as we live in these fallen bodies the original fleshly life will always seek to reassert itself.

In other places we are told that there is a war raging inside us.

We are to fight.

And we must be sure we fight on the right side with the right weapons.

We will not fight well without firm resolve.

Indeed, without resolve we may not fight at all.

We are to hold the old life – the life we lived independent from God –

in the place of death.

These words record the firm resolve of that stalwart John the Baptist.

As we learn to manage this new life we’ve been given, indeed the new Creation we’ve become, we will see the transformation which John here makes his resolve.

Less of self; more of Jesus.

This is one sign that the new birth has really taken hold.

This is the true joy-giver.

It is a joy far above all that went before.

Heavenly Father, our fondest wish is to see our earthly weakness replaced by the heavenly character of our Saviour Jesus.

Grant it dear Father, through your Holy Spirit.

For we ask it in the Name of your Holy Son.